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    35 euros
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    45 min

    45 euros
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    1 hr

    55 euros



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140 €/month





or in person

180 €/month

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220 €/month



"Petra is a virtuoso and a true artist who is helping me learn technique while also approaching music creatively and intuitively. Each class brings me knowledge but also new revelations, explorations, and healing."

Don't only practice your art,

but force your way into it's secrets:

art deserves that,

for it and knowledge can raise human to the divine.


Ludvig van Beethoven

Petra Koprivec had her first public performance at the age of four. Throughout her career, she has tried to deepen her knowledge of very intuitive and groundbreaking pedagogic work. In her opinion, the emphasis of working with artists lies between inspiration, connection, focus, discipline, and love for music in all its forms and genres. Every artist is unique and diverse, and in order to fulfill the needs of every individual, beginner or professional, the teacher needs to listen and understand what drives you and what your true passion is.

Petra has been playing and studying piano for more than 30 years with world-known pianists and mentors like Aleksandar Madzar, Dubravka Tomšič-Srebotnjak and Laszlo Baranyay. She obtained two master's degrees in three conservatories of music and has been spreading her knowledge and teaching students for more than 15 years.

She also wrote a master thesis titled "Perfect Pitch Phenomena" in which she investigated the possibilities of perfect pitch development in children and adults. Petra collaborated with the Bebe Maestro organization in Brussels to explore the new field, which focuses on music education for very young children aged 0 to 6 years old, and she now continues Perfect Pitch Trainings with her young students.

Her goal is to assist you in developing your talents, overcoming difficulties, improving technical and musical abilities, finding a pleasurable practice routine, and overcoming fear, shame, stage fright, self-consciousness, or any other negative mental thought process that is impeding your progress.

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